"Aakkendâg"…. Our system-neutral RPG project takes your high-fantasy world a step deeper into realism and two steps deeper into imagination. We promise to bring one heck of a surprise to you with this one, so keep alert for when we announce we are seeking clubs to be play-testers---then raise your hand!
And just what is system-neutral? That means you can take this world and play in it using any system you desire. We have, however, put in some play action rules of our own, including quick ways to choose/develop your character, (if you choose to use them) to make faster play possible for your fun and enjoyment!

Below are portions of the RPG for your comment. The World's Story and History is Chapter II in the book and starts off with the genesis of the world up thru the creation of the Gods(Aakken)by men and on into the changed world for a stunning conclusion.

You will find it is written as a novella, to give a rousing good story as well as a complete understanding of the 3800 years you have to play in and 2 other mysterious worlds as well--all uniquely inter-connected. Also, after reading the story, you will find that you can choose any portion of the 3800 year history in which you can have an incredible adventure!

Please look at the Table of Contents in the "World's Story and History" below as all portions in red font are the finished portions (not much left!). And again, if interested in being a Play Tester,  just email us at admin@mekgames.com

The world's name is Nârr and the map shows the lands of this adventure setting. It is the corner of a continent.
Although the rest of this planet is unknown (and not part of the campaign setting), a map will be up shortly showing what is believed to be the rest of the continent's shape. And please note that, once the book is completed and available to players, we will welcome comments as to whether we should make a tablecloth map for players or a wall-hanging map to bring even more realism to the game's enjoyment. Let us know!!!

1. Pre-Aakken Years Timeline (from creation to the birth of the Aakken Gods)

2. Aakken Birth Years Timeline (after the birth of the Gods)

3. World's Story and History (.pdf)

4. Aakkendâg Front Cover (.jpeg)

5. Aakkendâg Back Cover (.jpeg)

6. Aakkendâg Spine (.jpeg)

7.World's Map (.pdf)

8.Map Key for World's Map (.pdf)

9.Nârr's Place on the Continent (.pdf)



THOR'S ANVIL…2-4 players, a game of aggressive VIKING Raids! Non-collectible, let the warrior in you come out as you plot and raid your opponents in a way unlike any other card game. Go back to 950 A.D.!

LIEGE LORD…Non-collectible card game of 120 cards, 2-4 players, beautiful medieval setting---wow! Luck, guts and cleverness win this one!

DRAGON'S LANDING….An unusual 2-4 player card game where Dragons fight and compete in the Castle to win the game!

TOWER OF LONDON….Escape from the Tower before your sentence can be carried out! It will not be easy because danger and treachery follow every move you make. 2-4 players.

JUNGLE WARFARE.Boardgame, 2-4 players, modern jungle warfare from the Vietnam War period. You had better be very aggressive to play this! No wimps!

ROTTLAND…. Card game (non-ccg) of massive medieval and high-fantasy direct combat! The expansion, VASSALS, brings in 2 more players as allies. This one should simply be WOW!



***"HELLO FRIENDS"***….--Designed by me in 2005, and picked up by SIMPLY FUN LLC (part of Uberplay), as of late January 2006,when it won the CREATIVE CHILD MAGAZINE's "CREATIVE TOY AWARD's SEAL OF EXCELLENCE for 2006! You can visit them also at Creative Child Magazine. So HELLO FRIENDS is available for purchase from Simply Fun, LLC and (as with all their fine games) even has a short video on how to play it! Take a look and pick up a deck for your own children!

MONEYBAGS….A fast and fun, 2-player card game for children,teaching basic addition and money handling. Win the most money for your Moneybags to win the game!

TRAP…Inspired by Hearts, TRAP (for 4 players) takes it a step further in thinking,tactical card use and fun. If you are a Hearts fan---you'll love, love, love TRAP!

POUNCE….Fun 2-4-player board game for the family. Ages 6+ years. Catch all your Mice before the other Cats catch theirs!

LETTER, PLEASE!….Our new for 2011 family game! A fun 2-4-player board game for the family. Ages 7+ years. Spell the word first by taking letters from your opponents! This game reinforces the alphabet, spelling and manners for the young ones and is a great party game for teens and adults as well.



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