A Turn Player, at his turn, and before he plays any cards, will declare who his Turn Opponent will be during his turn. The Turn Opponent has the choice of passing on his action with the Turn Player to another Opponent UNLESS THE TURN PLAYER SACRIFICES A CARD WHEN NAMING HIS OPPONENT (with no draw back for the turn play).
The Player getting passed the action cannot further pass on the turn and must face the Turn Player unless he casts a REBOUND which counters the attempt to make him the Turn Opponent. The player originally chosen as the Opponent now must face the Turn Player.


1.BUCKLERs: removed your next turn after being placed and that counts as the first of your 3 turn-cards.

2.COUNTER ANY MYSTICs: cannot use it to pass on an attack unless 3-4 players in the game.

3.DUPLICITYs: can be thrown at any time by anyone but the Turn Player. The card duplication action is only for games of 3 players. The "Taking a Turn" action, to steal the turn to yourself, must be cast at the beginning of anyone's turn before or during their first casting of a card. If you let them cast a card, ANY CARD, it goes back into their hand (except for (a)INVINCIBLEs (b)GUARDIANs or (c)ATTACK cards unless PLAYER OPTION in effect.) Even if you cannot effect the last card thrown you still end the turn and become the new Turn Player. DUPLICITY may be countered. If cast on a Player trying to trade it works the same----card(s) back in hand and turn is yours unless countered.


4. TORCHes and FLOWEREDs: both can be countered. TORCHes can be cast both as a turn-card on your turn or in an attack by the Turn Opponent. If either is thrown as a turn-card, it would be your LAST turn-card action, nothing may follow it. You cannot trade in anything if you use either card as a turn-card. If a TORCH is cast on you, you immediately draw and replace the two lost cards which can be used immediately in defense if the attack continues. Yes, Non-Invincible ATTACK and GUARDIAN cards may be removed from hand by a TORCH

5.INTERRUPTs: when cast to end an Opponent's turn and steal the turn back to you in 2-Player games, it will counter AND remove to the Used Pile the last card thrown by him except for INVINCIBLEs GUARDIANs or ATTACK cards (unless PLAY OPTION in effect), INTERRUPTs are card killers! Can be thrown on yourself after you declare yourself "open for attack" and the Turn Opponent casts a MYSTIC. That counters the MYSTIC into his Used Pile and THE TURN IS OVER (unless countered) and it's the next Player's turn! Usually only done to save yourself from a MYSTIC you cannot counter in any other way (POWER COUNTERS can be used in the same way). Can be cast at ANY time in ANY game. Only countered by a COUNTER ANY MYSTIC or POWER COUNTER. They cannot be countered by SACRIFICE. In games of 3 Players, Interrupts can be thrown by anyone at any Player in action, and the last card in the targeted Player's action goes to the Used Pile. Counterable by the targeted player's Counter or another Player butting in with his Interrupt which is counterable also! If you use INTERRUPT against an Opponent trading cards, the cards go back in hand and turn is yours unless countered. This is the ONLY instance where the INTERRUPT does not kill a card.

6.REBOUNDs: affects WOUNDINGs, REMOVALS and TORCHes. It is the ONLY card that can counter someone passing an attack or passing on becoming an Opponent in 3-4 player games. Rebounds do not counter each other.

7. The word "Opponent" or "Player" on a card refers to the Turn Opponent or Turn Player.

8. Cards must apply to the situation. Examples: Don't try to place Sword on an Archer. That is not a weapon for the Archer. Do not try to use a REBOUND to counter a Wounding or Removal if the Opponent has nothing he can take from his Combatants.

9. Countering Cards can themselves be countered for as many countering actions as you can do.

10. If you butt in on someone else's turn with a MYSTIC you draw back to 7 after the interference is over.

11. INVINCIBLE cards may not be removed from play when an Interrupt or Duplicity is cast though the turn is still stolen.