The non-collectible card game of medieval battle by
Mark Keller of M.E.K. ENTERPRISES, INC., PO BOX 8, Brice, OH 43109
Copyright M.E.Keller 2003 All Rights Reserved


Welcome to ARMORY, the exciting 60-card fight of medieval weaponry and
mystical castings for 2-3 Players.

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OBJECTIVE: To arm your 3 combatants (2 Warriors and 1 Archer) and thus have them ready to attack before your Opponent can do the same!

HOW?: (1) Give each Warrior 4 items: a Shield, Spear, Sword and Helmet during play. (2) Give your Archer 3 items: a Helmet, Bow and Quiver during play. (3) Then place a GUARDIAN on each combatant when he has his equipment to safeguard him from further interference. (4) And when all are armed and Guardianed, cast your ATTACK CARD to win as your last turn.

ARMAMENT(s): Shields, Spears, Swords, Helmets, Bows and Quivers
COMBATANT(s): The 3 fighters ( 2 Warriors,1 Archer) upon which the Armament cards are placed.
COUNTER: To halt a MYSTIC card action. The MYSTIC goes straight into the "used" pile.
INVINCIBLE:Cannot be (a) countered (b)drawn, forced or picked from your hand or (c) removed from play.
TURN CARDS: The 1-3 cards you place into play to start your turn.
TURN OPPONENT:Whichever player is facing the Turn Player.
TURN PLAYER: The player who starts a turn with his 3-card action.
UNCOUNTERABLE: Cannot be countered when played or during the turn placed into play.



11 Rules + 11 Tips

1. Place your 2 WARRIORS and 1 ARCHER in front of you facing you.

2. Shuffle your deck thoroughly and draw 7 cards. During the game, a turn cannot start until everyone draws back up to 7 from the last turn if they need to.

3. Cards used or otherwise out of play are placed in the "Used" Pile to the side. It will become the new Draw Pile if you go through all your cards and game must continue. They are well shuffled before re-use.

4. Decide who goes first and then each Player, when it is his turn to start, will cast or trade in up to 3 cards on his turn (called turn-cards) which includes laying down Armaments, special MYSTICs or trades. Player must make at least 1 card action of some sort, even if only trading 1 card in his hand. An Armament card is actually placed upon the Combatant you chose. Armaments may be placed in any order, but may not be placed after a trade-in. Turns proceed clockwise from the last Turn Player.

5. After the Turn Player has performed his turn action of up to 3 cards he will declare "I am open for attack." He then also has the right to cast other cards to defend himself, if able, with the cards he has left in hand. Once the Turn Player has declared he is done with his turn-card action and is open for attack, the Turn Opponent then has the right to cast MYSTIC cards in an "attack" (as many as are applicable to the attack). If unable to counter a MYSTIC, players must suffer the consequences. Any attack, and thus that whole turn, must stop once either player has no more cards in hand, a turn-stopping MYSTIC is cast or the Turn Opponent says (a) he will not attack and says he wants his turn or (b) his attack is done and he says he wants his turn or (c) in 3-4 player games, simply says he is done attacking and the next clockwise player becomes the Turn Player .

6. A Player may chose to TRADE up to 3 cards from hand rather than cast anything on a Combatant. Example: Your turn, but you only cast 1 Shield on a Combatant. You still have 2 turn-cards left to play. You may trade them in by placing 2 cards in the Used Pile and drawing 2 from the Draw Pile right then. They may not be used that turn unless defensively. If you decide to use a TORCH card as 1 of your turn-cards you cannot do any Trading that turn.

7. DUEL: You may force a gamble 1 time in the game instead of casting your 3 cards for the turn by declaring a "DUEL". YOU MAY PICK ANY OTHER PLAYER FOR THE DUEL AND HE CANNOT AVOID THE DUEL. Do this by drawing 1 card from each other's hands with the high card number winning. The winner can (a) look at the loser's hand and discard 2 cards from it AND the loser also loses his next turn OR (b) strip off 1 card ---EVEN A GUARDIAN--- from an opposing Combatant with the card going back into the Opponent's hand (even if Opponent then has an extra card in hand-an exception to number of cards allowed in your hand!). The stripped card may not be placed back on a Combatant on the duel loser's next turn, but it can be on the turn after. Note that a DUEL is played instead of any casting by anybody! Once your DUEL is done, your turn is done. Next player starts his turn. No interference from others allowed with the DUEL. Your turn cannot be lost to a MYSTIC if you say you want a DUEL. Cards drawn in the DUEL go back into your hands.

8. A Combatant may not have more than 1 of the same type Armament card on it in play.

9. You may give up any Armament card in play to halt most MYSTICs, placing it in your Used Pile for recycling. Called a "SACRIFICE", it cannot be countered.

10. Once a Combatant is fully armed, you must place a GUARDIAN on it to keep it safe. Once all 3 Combatants have GUARDIANS on them, you cast out your ATTACK card on the next turn, winning the game. GUARDIANS and those they guard are immune from all MYSTICs unless a DUEL removes a GUARDIAN. GUARDIANS are included as a turn-card during your turn.

11. An ATTACK card: (a) cannot be cast in the same turn as a GUARDIAN card (b) must be cast on any following turn after the last GUARDIAN card is placed (c) PLAY OPTION: Agree before game starts if ATTACK CARD placement can be halted by a MYSTIC card. If Play Option allows it to be withdrawn or otherwise halted, it can only be forced back into your hand, even if exceeding number of cards allowed in hand rule (d) cannot be placed unless it is your turn.