NOTE: ARMORY is configured in 2-player packages as that is the real strength of the game.
3 Players gets pretty heavy action also, with some real twists in it!
FAQs for the ARMORY card game

1. Q: When I am the Turn-Player and I throw a defensive card, like a COUNTER ANY MYSTIC because an Opponent tried to INTERRUPT me, does that count as one of my 3 Turn-Cards?
A: NO! Turn-Cards are stated as being armaments played on a Combatant or a trade-in.

2. Q: With 3-4 players the cards get hard to sort out after a hand. What about that?
A: During play, when you cast a Mystic or Counter, you don't have to throw the cards in a common "play" pile, just lay it down or hold/show it at your position and the Opponent can see it there. Just flip the card out (like a Wounding) in front of you. Opponent does not need to lay his counter-card on top of yours.

3 Q: Can a REBOUND counter another REBOUND?
A: In the rule sheet you see it says they affect Woundings, Removals and Torches and they DO NOT counter each other. So no, you cannot save yourself with from a Rebound with a Rebound.

4. Q: Can a Guardian be removed once you put it on a completely armed Combatant?
A: Rule 10 says NO. Now a Guardian or an Attack card that is NOT Invincible COULD be removed from your hand if you got Torched--but not once it is laid down! Only a DUEL could remove a Guardian then (Rule 7), or if you decide to play with Play Option as part of the game.

5. Q: What about someone throwing an INTERRUPT or DUPLICITY right when I throw down an INVINCIBLE Weapon?
A: If you do not counter it, then yes you would lose the turn BUT THE INVINCIBLE card cannot be removed from play and it would stay there. A regular card of course would be removed into your Used Pile as you lose your turn.

6. Q: Seems hard to remember whom Turn-Player is when 3-4 players get going. Any suggestions?
A: Yes you can get pretty hot action and people forget. Usually when we play here, we use a token of any sort for who the Turn-Player is to keep track.

7. Q: If I butt in and throw a DUPLICITY in a 3-4 player game, and the last card cast by the targeted Opponent is an IMAGIO, can I duplicate IT as any weapon I want or keep it what the Opponent had declared it to be?
A: This is an important question. First, Why would you want to duplicate it and give another player a weapon for his own use? Remember you duplicate the card and pass it to 2 players of your choice (yes, you could be one of those you choose---like maybe if a TORCH is cast and you are trying to dig through the deck to find that needed ATTACK card or something! Hmmm, a tactical tip for if the going gets slow in a 4-Player game!)
Second: An IMAGIO WOULD NO LONGER BE A MYSTIC when placed into play on a Combatant! You changed it into a WEAPON, remember? DUPLICITY would not effect it! You would use the duplicating action when someone threw a TORCH or another damage MYSTIC like a WOUNDING or REMOVAL. And YOU would control the cards then and execute the damage the duplicated cards wreak! And then you can quietly let the turn continue.

8. Q: When someboby throws a card to steal my turn (Duplicity, Interrupt or Interference)right when I am only trading, do I lose any cards like if I was laying a weapon down and the INTERUPT would destroy it?
A: When you do a trade and the Opponent casts out a DUPLICITY,INTERFERENCE or INTERRUPT right when you attempt to trade cards, they simply go back into your hand. The INTERRUPT only steals a turn AND destroys a WEAPON card when its being laid down on a Combatant. Lets hope you can COUNTER the INTERRUPT or DUPLICITY and continue your trading!

9. Q: Can an INTERRUPT be used to counter another INTERRUPT?